OUr Service staff



Our serving staff exemplifies high-quality and professional service. Whether just serving cocktails or a three-course plated dinner, they strive to accommodate all requests and aim for the satisfaction of all guests at your event.

Job expectations include:

  • Event setup

  • Serve cocktails and appetizers

  • Serve main course in any style

    (buffet, family, or plated)

  • Refill water and wine table-side

  • Clear dishes, napkins, and cutlery as guests finish courses

  • Event breakdown

    *All servers have their CA Food Handler’s Card*



Our bartending staff is professional in their service and knowledgable of their craft. They will quickly adapt to any drink menu provided or be able to create any desired cocktail for your guests.

  • Setup bar station

    (glassware, chill beer and wine, prepare garnishes)

  • Serve your guests courteously and efficiently

  • Maintaining a clean bar station

  • Breakdown bar station when advised

    (discard all trash bins appropriately, clean all glassware)

    *All bartenders are TIPS certified and have their CA Food Handler’s card*


Culinary Staff

Each member of our culinary staff has years of experience in the kitchen. They come prepared ready to prepare the meals, assist a hired chef, or simply assist the catering staff with prepared meals.

  • Help setup the kitchen area where the meal will be prepared

  • Plan the time at which each course will be served

  • Prepare all food items to be served at the event

  • Maintain the food in the buffet line

  • Acknowledge any dietary requests of the guests at the event

  • Be aware of any food allergies of any of the guests at the event

  • Help clean dishes and cutlery after the meal

  • Make sure all supplies used are accounted for and returned to the proper entity

  • Breakdown the kitchen area and/or buffet line

    *All culinary staff have their CA Food Handler’s card*

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Banquet Captains

Our banquet captains are organized and well equipped to help all personnel at the event work together. They aim for seamless service, keeping everyone on task, but will discretely handle any issues if they should arise.

  • Give up-to-date information to keep everyone informed

  • Delegate event setup tasks to staff members

  • Maintain the event to your standards and requests

  • Able to step in as any service position, if needed

  • The first to be approached if any issues are to arise

  • Manage the event breakdown by delegating tasks and making sure all supplies are claimed by the correct people

    *All banquet captains are TIPS certified and have their CA Food Handler’s card*



We can provide support staff such as scullery or busers if an event calls for it or at a client’s request. These support roles will maintain the cleanliness of the event.

  • Scullery will be in charge of cleaning and sanitizing the dishes and cutlery throughout the event.

  • Busers will maintain cleanliness on the event floor by clearing dishes, cutlery, and trash from the tables and common areas.

    *All previously listed staff fill these positions*


Event Staff Solutions quotes events at a 4-hour minimum and will not include gratuity.

All invoices are subject to gratuity which will be CLEARLY MARKED on the final invoice.